Program Details


with Fleet Maull
October 24 / 5:30 PM - October 28 / 5:00 PM

The core purpose of The Event Training  is to provide participants with insights, skills and practices that support their ongoing evolution as conscious and compassionate human beings and enhance their ability to move forward in their lives and achieve their personal and professional life goals.

We utilize some of the greatest traditional and contemporary methods and processes for personal transformation the world has ever known.

Please note:

The Event is a personal development training. No therapeutic relationship is intended or implied. There will not be a therapist or medical doctor present at the training.

Investment includes:

  • world-class training with senior trainers

  • delicious home-cooked meals during your stay

  • guided meditation periods

You will also leave with a clear course of action for continued growth plus a participant study-book and ways to stay connected with other participants.

The Event is an opportunity to get to the core of what is incomplete in us so that we can move forward in our lives with clarity and passion. It allows us to complete the past and to create a new and different future for ourselves.

You are warmly welcomed to join Fleet Maull  and Khandro Kelly for a powerful, practical, and streetwise training in which we discover the keys to creating a life that works. Fleet Maull just published his book Radical Responsibility  which is recommended by such famous spiritual teachers as Daniel Goleman , Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jack Kornfield or Joseph Goldstein and many more. 

The Event is a four-day training in which participants experience a break-through in areas of their life in which they are stuck. Tools are given to cement the break-through during the training and simple ways to sustain the break-through in the midst of daily life. The Event is a unique opportunity to reclaim one’s natural dignity and sense of purpose, as well as to take down the wall that keeps us from accomplishing what we wish to accomplish in our life.

Participants engage deep personal work in an environment of safety and support that allows for enormous positive shifts in one’s life. The unique methodology of the training, developed and refined over forty years, is a catalyst for: 

  • building healthy relationships

  • discovering our authentic voice

  • clarifying and standing behind our highest commitments

  • resolving the past to move forward with more energy

  • transforming negative or self-limiting core beliefs

  • reconnecting to our passion and vitality

  • building the capacity to effectively manage our emotional triggers

  • clearing the way to greater personal and professional success

 The Event has been led in the United States and Europe for over 20 years in many different settings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Warkshop will be taught in English without translation because the interactions will be very fast and the translation would slow down the process.

 Price: 1690,00 PLN 

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