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Weekthün : Sitting Still and Drala Dance

with Mathias Pongracz
August 10 / 6:00 PM - August 17 / 12:00 PM

August 10th - 17th, 2019

with Acharya Mathias Pongrácz, Daniel Boldog and others.

Come and reset your energy, body and mind in a joyous week of meditation and dance in Hungary! We will be practicing Shamatha / Vipashyana meditation, hearing talks on how to open our heart/mind to the vastness and fundamental goodness and practicing the ancient art of Hungarian dance.

This is a great opportunity to gather ourselves, synchronize body& mind and activate the awakened energy of enlightened society. 

Hungary has an ancient and unbroken tradition of celebrating with folk dances that on the spot act to dispel cowardly or stuck mind-states. Traditional musicians will participate and create the rhythmic, exhilarating environment for our Drala Dance. While sitting still you can easily space out - but when in a group circle dance you are sure to immediately come back to the present!

In this way we will combine the very best of human culture to create an awake and invigorating atmosphere that brings wisdom and compassion alive.

The location is Pannonhalma – a retreat setting in the countryside near the oldest monastery in Hungary  (over a thousand years old). It is easy to reach by train from both Vienna or Budapest. 

Arrival: Saturday August 10th 18h  – Departure: morning of August 17

Program Pricing (amounts in €)

o   460 - net income more than 1.500.- per month

o   390 - net income between 1.000 and 1.500.- per month

o   325 - net income between 800 and 1.000.- per month

o   260 - net income between 500 and 800.- per month

o   220 - net income under 500.- per month

o  Early Bird option (minus 40.-€). This option applies if you register and pay the full amount before May 1st, 2019

Contact: [email protected]

Payment details:
Beneficiary: Shambhala Magyarorszag Egyesulet
Our bank: Unicredit Bank ZRt. 
IBAN: HU18 1091 8001 0000 0084 6375 0001

Please give your name in the transfer details.

If you register online, please also send me an email since we're are having issues with not receiving notifications of online registrations. Cheers!

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