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Community Conversation

April 28 / 12:15 PM - April 28 / 1:15 PM

Things are changing rapidly in Shambhala internationally and many of us are experiencing groundlessness and uncertainty looking forward. The Portland Shambhala Center will be holding weekly short community conversations every Sunday after community practice, from 12:15- 1:15pm.

Our view for the purpose of these conversations is guided by:

  • Ground: Our community's shared knowledge and experience around many issues is vague and uncertain. We each have our own experience and view, but may not have heard or understood others' views around the topics we will be discussing.

  • Path: By sharing and listening to others, by asking questions and engaging in conversation, we can increase both understanding of our own and others' views and experiences.

  • Fruition: Increased clarity, intention, and unity in our community will facilitate decisions that help to move us forward.

Guidelines for these conversations:

  • No community decisions will be made based on any single community conversation, but discussions are intended to clarify community needs & priorities and inform next steps in community decision-making processes.

  • Council members present for the conversation are attending as members of the community. They do not exercise expertise or authority on this or any other topic greater than that of other members.

  • Everyone who participates is expected to abide by the four virtues of speech:

    • Avoiding harsh, critical, condemning speech - instead, uniting passionate speech with gentleness and forbearance

    • Avoiding lying and obfuscation - instead, speaking what we know to be true, from our heart, about our own experience

    • Avoiding slander - instead, speaking with the intention of building others up

    • Avoiding gossip - instead, maintaining confidentiality around others' sharing and choosing to share only our own experience of this gathering

  • Notes will be taken of each conversation for sharing with the wider community. These will not include individual identifying information, but rather will note important points that were brought up.  Every individual taking part in the conversation will have the opportunity to request confidentiality for their individual comments and have them left out of the notes.

  • The final summary and recommendations from these conversations will inform council meeting agendas, informing us how to move the conversation forward and facilitate community decision-making.

As we gain experience conducting these meetings, how they are conducted may change and evolve. In this way, we’re learning how to listen to ourselves as we go. Please don’t hesitate to provide feedback, and/or suggest future meeting topics

These conversations are free and open to all.

We'll have a different topic every week, and your suggestions are welcome. Please email suggestions to [email protected] or [email protected]

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