Program Details

Sitting with an Open Heart: A weeklong meditation retreat

with Robert Gailey
June 22 / 9:00 AM - June 28 / 5:30 PM

A week of meditation, known as weekthün, is offered as a thorough introduction and deepening of mindfulness-awareness meditation, open to anyone.  Those of us who are motivated to refine understanding of our experience and be of benefit to fellow beings and the greater environment can consider this as an enabling practice.  In order to help we need to train in the means to tune into our innate sanity beyond wishful thinking.

Initial meditation instruction and orientation to the practice will be offered.   A progressive exploration of the meaning and practice of awakened heart will be explored throughout the week.  This will include contemplations from the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, specifically Atisha’s seven points of mind training which are helpful in recognizing experience as open beyond fixed ideas, uncovering insight, and expressing natural warm heartedness.   

Although there is a shrine with Buddhist and Shambhala symbols and chanting at certain points of the day, one does not need to be a Buddhist nor even be interested in becoming a Buddhist to take part.  The symbols and chants are oriented toward arousing our natural wakefulness and compassion.  There will be opportunities for individual meetings with a meditation instructor.

This week will join the sitting practice of meditation, contemplation, gentle stretching exercises, discussion, silence, and conversation.   A simple vegetarian lunch will be served each day.

 OPEN TO ALL! *Partial attendance is allowed, but one must commit to full days.

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