Program Details

Mudra Space Awareness Summit: A Radical Mind-Body Immersion

with Craig Warren Smith & Suzann Duquette & Greg Heffron
October 22 / 12:00 AM - October 29 / 12:00 AM

A half century after being introduced by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, these intensive physical and sensory exercises have coalesced as a coherent practice. Leading Mudra teachers, gathered for the first time, will present the scope of these experiential teachings and convey their use for spiritual realization, lifestyle balance and professional development.

This program will provide the full scope of Mudra. An extraordinary gathering of Mudra teachers will present intensive physical training, sensory exercises, meditations, talks and discussions. It is a qualifying program for Mudra advanced training to be held at Karme Choling in May of 2020. 

The program is designed in three dimensions:

  • Vision: Mudra provides an experiential glimpse of non-dual perception, in which self and other co-arise in a moment of perception. Practitioners can gain a pragmatic and accessible understanding of Dzogchen and Mahamudra, Tibetan Buddhism’s highest non-dual teachings, in which self and other co-arise in each moment.

  • Method: Exercises and postures train the practitioner to make inner “gestures” – subtle actions – that rework the mind/body relationship and alter sense perceptions while restoring balance. These result in a refreshing level of flexibility and awareness that is applicable to every situation.

  • Applications: First presented as theater training and a vital complement to meditation and contemplative practices, Mudra has evolved to be applicable to everyday life - professional development, e.g. health, family, education, art and entrepreneurship. Applications can be activated in both digital and physical settings.

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As noted by Acharya John Rockwell,

"The Vidyadhara's teachings on Mudra Space Awareness are one of Shambhala's hidden treasures. The cycle of exercises embody his creative genius in making the vajrayana teachings accessible and penetrating. He begins at the beginning-how to be in space-then takes us step by step through how to stand, walk, relate with things, and interact with people. So simple, yet so revealing! "

Arrival & Departure

Please plan on arriving between 3-6pm on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 to register and check-in. Dinner is offered at 6:30pm. The program begins that evening at 7:30pm. October 29th, is a departure day. You are free to leave at any time.

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