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Special Community Meeting

April 28 / 10:00 AM - April 28 / 12:00 PM

While Shambhala International is going through many challenges due to the reports of sexual harm, it also is currently engaged in transforming and redesigning its governmental, financial and care and conduct structures. If you would like to receive information about the completed investigations and the work of the new Shambhala Interim Board, please contact us at this email address and we will forward the links to you. 


We, as a meditation centre, are now seeking your input in developing a vision for looking ahead and moving forward. To that end we are inviting you to a very important meeting on Saturday April 28th from 10:00 – 12:00. Please attend and offer your fresh ideas of what you would like to see happening at our centre and how it can be used in the future. Of course meditation and classes will continue, but what will this look like? 


We have come to recognize and trust in our Basic Goodness, opening our hearts and not giving up on our vision of a world where we can learn to live with kindness to each other and ourselves.  So, how can we do this? We need a space - our centre; and time to slow down and continue our practice and learning; and we need community – our precious sangha to practice with. As one senior teacher said: "Nothing compares to practicing meditation and the dharma teachings together... and being able to share our hearts and feelings..."


Many of you have shared how important our centre is to you and our community, offering a place:

  • To slow down, sit and practice meditation.

  • Where we can practice seeing and letting go of our habitual patterns.

  • To learn to relax and open to the world as it is, seeing it as sacred.

  • Where we can practice as a group bringing out the qualities of basic goodness that are already in us and extend that out into the world.

  • Where health and well being are improved through meditation – one member reports a lowering of his blood pressure.

  • Where we are introduced to a variety of inspiring teachers and teachings.

  • Of acceptance, friendship, curiosity, learning and spiritual guidance.

  • Where I feel at home.

So at our gathering on the 28th, let us engage in mindful conversation, listen with compassion and be inspired by each other.


To prepare for the meeting it may be useful to contemplate these questions:

  • What is it I value deeply? What in the depth of my heart do I wish for myself, for my loved ones and for this world?

  • Have the teachings and meditations “spoken” to me and affected me in my life?

As the Dalai Lama has always said: “Kindness is my practice”. So may this be the foundation for our meeting together. We are the ones shaping the future in our community.


We are looking forward to an active, joyous meeting with you. Your presence is very needed in this time of reflection and renewal.

This invitation extends to all, whether you have been an active practitioner, occasional participant, or a beginning meditator.
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