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Weekthun: Four Dignities and Four Foundations

with Richard John
May 26 / 8:30 AM - June 1 / 5:30 PM

(Note: The per day price is , payable on site.)

Weekthun: Four Dignities and Four Foundations   with Acharya Richard John

This 7-day meditation retreat is open to practitioners at all levels, from very new practitioners to experienced tantrikas. The two primary teachings, the Four Dignities and the Four Foundations of Mindfulness will set the tone and provide specific instructions for each day of practice. These will unfold over the course of the week, so it is recommended to participate in the full retreat if possible. This will meet requirements for a weekthun.

First-time and very new meditators are welcome to attend, but you must begin at the beginning, and attend at least one full day. Experienced practitioners are welcome to attend any parts of the retreat, but please commit to full days, or half-days at least. The Weekthun dates are all full practice days so if you're travelling any distance, please plan accordingly and follow the schedule carefully:

  8:30     Coffee and Tea

  9:00     Chants: BG Proclamation, Four Dharmas, Sham. Supplication, Heart Sutra (with drum)


                Welcome, View of the Retreat / Meditation Instruction

                Meditation sessions, walking

12:30   Lunch

  1:30     Rest, study

  2:00     Shamatha Yoga

                Meditation sessions, walking

  3:30     Tea (silent)

                Everyone together in MSR:         

  4:00     Acharya Talk, Q&A

                Chants: Three Courts & Concluding Request (drum), Padmasambhava, SMR Longevity, Short Aspiration, both Dedications

  5:30     Conclude

About Acharya Richard John

A longtime student of both the Vidyadhara and Sakyong Mipham, Acharya John has for many years taught Shambhala Buddhist programs throughout North America. He completed the first three-year group retreat at Gampo Abbey, and leads annual 10-Day Mahamudra Retreats at DDL, Karme Choling, SMC and Casa Werma. Richard and his wife Liz live in Halifax.

Heart Gifts

It is customary to offer a monetary Heart Gift to the teacher. Acharyas receive no salary or benefits, and depend upon this income in order to teach for a living. This is completely voluntary according to your inspiration, and there is no suggested amount.

NOTE: Lunches not included. Generosity policy applies; limited financial assistance available--please contact [email protected] for more information.


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