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What the Buddha Taught: Reinventing the Wheel - Understanding Karma, Interdepence and Auspicious Coincidence

with David Stone & Marita Mclaughlin
August 24 / 8:30 AM - August 24 / 5:00 PM

Shambhala Chicago continues exploring the early teachings of the Buddha. This one day retreat provides an in-depth exploration of the central Buddhist concept of interdependence - how karma works - and how this classical teaching underpins the Shambhala principles of windhorse and “auspicious coincidence.” The retreat will also provide the ground for Autumn study groups on the topic of karma itself.

Interdependence is spoken of in the buddhist tradition as the 12 Nidanas, the twelve links of dependent co-origination. It is the step-by-step story of how we perpetuate karmic activity and its result: suffering. But there’s more…

As we practice meditation and learn more about the habitual tendencies that keep us locked in this cycle of confusion, we begin to unravel our misunderstanding and tame the patterns that cause this suffering.  Through the practice of waking up in the present moment, we plant the seeds for wisdom and auspiciousness to blossom. 

Autumn study groups will follow up this retreat day as we study the traditional teachings on karma in depth. 

While it is ideal to attend both the 1-day retreat and the study groups, you are welcome to attend either segment.

"What the Buddha Taught" Study Groups:

West Loop / Alternate Sundays: Sept 8-Nov 3, 1-3pm
West Loop / Thursdays: Oct 3-Dec 5, 7-9pm
Hyde Park / Thursdays: Oct 3- Dec 5, 7-9pm



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