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Shifting Culture: Diversity and Inclusion Conversations: Value All Voices Part II

with Katya Stewart-Sweeny
June 23 / 4:00 PM - June 23 / 5:30 PM

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Value All Voices Part II - Gender

Most of us have never examined family messages about gender, whether we are male or female! It takes bravery and openness to do so, which is what we train for during shamatha meditation. Together, we will read the poem by Jamaica Kincaid entitled “Girl,” and there will be short writing prompts to elicit the subtle messages we received about our gender.
We will use serial testimony, a form that offers equitable time and voice in our circle. This process allows for personal insights, and to be part of a supportive circle of community, exploring how gender socialization has impacts everyone.

About the leader, Katya Sweeney-Stewart:

Katya Stewart-Sweeney, a member of FCSMC, has led classes and workshops related to social justice, diversity and inclusion, since 2005.  She has attended many local and national conferences to further her skills and training in this area.  As part of her role as advisor for CSU Business undergraduates, she formed and advised a student group called Business Diversity and Leadership Alliance (BDLA.)  Katya co-taught a course for these students called Social Justice and Leadership, from 2005 through 2015. In the class, she infused contemplative and experiential education models to help the students explore their identities and values- through learning about combatting the “isms”: racism, sexism, heterosexism, age-ism, classism, able-ism, etc.
Katya was recognized in May 2019 by CSU’s Office of International Programs with their “Distinguished Service Award” for her work with international students, going above and beyond to aid in the goal of internationalizing Colorado State University.

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