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Finding Sanity: A Course in Buddhist Teachings for Chaotic Times (Eagle Rock)

with Joel Wachbrit & Debra Dysart
August 20 / 7:30 PM - September 10 / 9:30 PM

In this 4 week introductory course, we will explore the nature of our minds and hearts and how we relate to the world around us.

Over 2500 years ago the Buddha made a revolutionary discovery – that the fundamental nature of all beings is awake, peaceful and compassionate. And yet our lives are marked by constant turmoil and discontent – in ourselves as well as in our relationships to the world and to others. For over 50 years after his enlightenment the Buddha taught how to rediscover our inherent sanity through the direct practice of meditation and through questioning our deeply held beliefs about reality. These teachings are as fresh today as they were then.

Combining ancient teachings with our immediate experience we will explore the possibility of how to live in a genuine and sane way in these seemingly most challenging of times

Open to all. Beginners to meditation are especially welcome.


Shastri Joel Wachbrit has been a member of the Los Angeles Shambhala community and a student of Shambhala Buddhism since 1989. He served as Center Co-Director and before that was Director of Buddhist Education for 7 years. Joel has been a working musician for almost forty years and for the last twenty he has composed music for TV and film. He has recently returned to his childhood love of playing guitar in a rock band as well as producing and recording.

Debra Dysart has been a student and practitioner of Shambhala Buddhism since 1997 and has been interested in these teachings ever since she discovered Pema Chödrön’s Wisdom of No Escape in a Barnes and Nobles. (She met her husband Malcolm in that same bookstore.) Debra also teaches Shambhala Art, is Interim Director of Education for Shambhala Eagle Rock, and served as Center Co-Director of Shambhala Los Angeles. She sings with the Verdi Chorus and serves on its board of directors.


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