Program Details

Refuge & Bodhisattva Vow Ceremonies

with Richard John
September 29 / 6:00 PM - September 29 / 9:30 PM

The REFUGE VOW marks the decision to commit oneself wholeheartedly to the Buddhist path and to further one's practice and training. It is the formal commitment to becoming a Buddhist, following the example of the Buddha Shakyamuni, his teachings (the Dharma) and joining the community (Sangha) of fellow practitioners.

The BODHISATTVA VOW is a further commitment to put others before oneself and to work wholeheartedly for their benefit. The basis of this vow is the aspiration to develop friendliness, compassion, and genuine insight through the practice of the six Paramitas and to undertake the view and practice of the Mahayana.

Bodhisattva Vow (6:00 PM). Refuge Vow (6:45 PM).

Reception to follow ceremonies (7:45 PM).

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