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First Monday Dharma Talk: More Right Action: Not Taking What is Not Offered

with Janet Bronstein
July 1 / 7:00 PM - July 1 / 8:30 PM

The Buddhist teachings represent the collected insights and observations of meditators around the world and across the centuries. The Shambhala teachings represent the experiences of individuals who have participated in societies based on kindness, non-aggression, and appreciation of the natural world.  These monthly talks will explore what we can learn from these two intertwined wisdom traditions that can support our own lives and meditation practices.

The July dharma talk is the Second Component of “Right Action”: Not Taking What is Not Offered.

In this series of talks, we are exploring conduct, meditation and view, the three components of Buddhism’s  Fourth Noble Truth.  The Fourth Noble Truth is the path that supports us on our journey to be awake to reality and relax with it.  One way to present the conduct guidelines that are part of the Buddhist tradition is as the five mindfulness precepts: reverence for life, not taking what is not offered, not engaging in sexual misconduct, wholesome speech and not imbibing intoxicants.  This talk will explore the second precept: not taking what is not offered.  Broader than simply not stealing, this precept also guides us away from actions that exploit other human beings or waste natural resources.  Maintaining this guideline for conduct guides us towards the realization that all living beings and our earth are interconnected.  We notice the suffering that causes us to take what is not offered, and the suffering that is caused by these actions. We also consider the alternative to these actions, which is the practice of generosity, and the challenges and rewards of that practice.



Meditation practice 7:00-7:25 (instruction available)

Dharma talk and discussion 7:35-8:30


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