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Diversity & Inclusivity - A Day of Practice for Members - Working with Whiteness

with Janet Ryvlin & Denise Blanc
August 25 / 10:45 AM - August 25 / 4:45 PM

This program is designed for white identified people committed to imaging new ways to create a truly inclusive world.  We will examine our old stories and discover new ways of being human together.


Drawing on the teaching from Diane Musho Hamilton, who combines a lifetime as a Mediator and the depth of her Zen practice, we will dive into developmental psychology and explore tools and practices for helping us to grow and create a world that celebrates both our commonalities and our rich differences.


About the Facilitating Teachers:

Janet Ryvlin: A long-time practitioner in the Shambhala tradition, Janet recently retired from a long and rewarding career in nursing. In her spare time for many years, she has examined and worked with diversity, inclusion and systemic oppression of marginalized groups. In these difficult times of division and confusion, she holds the aspiration of helping to break down the walls that can isolate us from our neighbors and each other.

Denise Blanc: Denise has 20 years in Organization Development as a facilitator, coach and mediator.  She has been a student of the Diversity & Inclusion work for the past six years participating in trainings, a think tank and doing extensive reading. In this past year she created a short program on Diversity & Inclusion for the healthcare environment. She has also been a student of Diane Musho Hamilton for the past four years. Denise has been a member of Shambhala since 2001.


Please note: This program is for Members, and if you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Janet Ryvlin at [email protected]

Questions? Contact Janet at [email protected]

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