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Member's Community Gathering

September 29 / 12:30 PM - September 29 / 2:00 PM

At our last community gathering we discussed ways to bring what we learned from the "Right Use of Power" workshops into our community. 

At this Gathering we will focus on community building:

  • We will launch our “Harvest of Peace Season” and hear from the planning team about upcoming activities.

  • Members of our newly formed Societal Health and Wellbeing committee will share a summary of their work and hear your views on priorities for our community.

  • We will brainstorm ways to organize informal sangha gatherings, to help us stay connected and have fun together. 

  • We’ll learn about an upcoming Leadership Visioning gathering for looking at where we’ve been and where we are going.


Please contact Diane Irwin with any questions.

This meeting is open to people who are members of the Austin Shambhala Meditation Center. To become a member, contact Christine Wetzl.

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