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Shambhala Retreat Level II: Birth of the Warrior

with Jil Amadio
September 28 / 10:00 AM - September 29 / 5:00 PM

Prerequisite Shambhala Retreat Level I

Please Check-In at 9:30am,
we'll have tea/coffee and light breakfast food prepared to welcome you. The retreat starts promtly at 10:00am and ends at 5:00pm


Shambhala Retreat Level II: Birth of the Warrior builds on the foundation of the meditation practice that was introduced in Level I. This weekend takes the next step, introducing the concept of cocoon—the personal biases, projections, and habitual tendencies we use to shield ourselves from our fears. These defense mechanisms help us cope with challenges in life, but also close us down, disconnecting us from our own basic goodness and obscuring the raw brilliance of the world. By opening to our own genuineness and tenderness, we learn how to work with fear.

The Way of Shambhala series of courses and retreats is a path to develop the dignity of being human, using meditation as a means to develop fearlessness, confidence, openness, and gentleness toward ourselves and toward our world.

This is the second in a series of five Retreats that include:

  • instruction on meditation,

  • talks by senior teachers,

  • individual meetings with teachers,

  • discussions with other participants,

  • the opportunity to explore the rich teachings with others.

  • light breakfast each morning and tea breaks with snacks

Lunch is available at many restaurants within walking distance. I
f you prefer to bring your lunch, you are welcome to eat at the Centre


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Shastri Jil Amadio is a much-loved senior Shambhala teacher based at the Toronto Shambhala Meditation Centre. Known for her warm heart and keen insight, she provides support for teachers and meditation students. She served previously as Practice and Education Director inToronto before being appointed Shastri, and is inspired to work towards creating regional unity while supporting the development of local leaders. Jil’s career has been in communications, working in areas such as crisis and change management, corporate branding, and media skills training. She also sits on the board of an international NGO that works in child rights advocacy.


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