Program Details

Compassion and the practice of White Tara

with Moh Hardin
August 24 / 9:00 AM - August 25 / 4:00 PM

All are welcome to join

the sydney Shambhala Group for a weekend with

Acharya Moh Hardin

Agust 24/25 9-4pm

New Dawn Centre for Social Innovation,

Napean St. Room 205


Compassion is not based on feeling pity for others who are worse off than oneself, or in any way looking down on others. Compassion arises from our interconnectedness with others as a natural radiation of warmth and eye-level communication.

We will explore the Buddhist understanding of compassion and practice meditations to evolke the realisation of compassion.  Participants will recieve a short White Tara visulisaton practice.  

Known as 'she who liberates", White Tara is a feminine manifestion of Buddha's compassionate wisdom.  She is evoked to pacify the turmoil and disharmony of difficult times, and whenever there is a need to be soothed.  

The compassion of White Tara is for all of us and this program is open to everyone.  Cost for this 2 day meditation program is .  (No one will be turned away for inability to pay the full cost.) 


For information and to register:

Barbara, [email protected], 902 929 2584

Catherine, [email protected], 902 577 9645

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