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Silent Transformations: Late Summer

with Michelle King & Fitzhugh Shaw & Adam Lobel
September 28 / 10:00 AM - September 29 / 4:00 PM


As a conclusion to the global climate strike initiated by students around the world, we will gather to support each other in loving what we are losing.

Our workshop offers spiritual support for ecological grief, anxiety, and paralysis amidst extreme environmental destruction.  Through allowing these emotions, we cultivate the fearless inner being, imagination, and relationships to heal our local region. Or at least wholeheartedly try. Healing our being, healing our communities, and healing our living region are one gesture. In our late summer session we will attune to the abundance of the season, exploring joy and bliss amidst loss and extinction.

We will introduce elemental practices, spend time alone outside and allow the late summer season to be one of our teachers. We will learn from traditional agricultural practices for the season and what they can tell us about natural systems and their disruption. We will explore the theme of loving what we are losing in this context.

We will then gather again seasonally -- this autumn and then in winter, in an ongoing way. Each session is open to all and you need not attend previous gatherings.

All are warmly welcome.

Listen: you will hear the trees and wind and rivers whisper “we need each other.”

With Western Pennsylvania becoming a key contributor to carbon emissions and plastic pollution, the Amazon rainforest burning, the US government rolling back protection for the air, the water, and endangered species, and our oceans and drinking water filled with plastics it is clear that our society is trapped in an economic addiction that resists the beautiful possibility of a resilient, ecological human society.  Who do we choose to be in the midst of this time?

Join us for a weekend workshop in cultivating a spiritual practice attuned to the reality of ecological destruction and to learn more about ecological activism in the Pittsburgh region.

Saturday September 28 10am-5pm
Sunday September 29 10am-4pm

Please feel free to join us for both days, or just for Saturday. [It will not be possible to join for Sunday only, as we will deepen what we begin on Saturday.]

Price: for both days, or for just Saturday (choose "Special price" when registering online)

Questions? Please contact Jess.

Hosted by Michelle King, Fitzhugh Shaw, and Adam Lobel


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