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Social Meditation with Nick Kranz

with Nick Kranz
November 8 / 7:00 PM - November 10 / 6:00 PM


Shambhala Stockholm presents

Social Meditation

with Nick Kranz

8 – 11 november


Social Meditation turns social interaction into a meditation practice. As human beings, we’re wired for social interaction. Social Meditation utilizes this innate connectedness to strengthen our ability to remain in the present moment.
Social Meditation facilitates emotional resonance in groups, helping practitioners connect with their own and the group’s wisdom. This generates a culture of care that is a powerful support for individual practice, and a feeling of belonging and learning within community that makes the meditation journey more joyful, meaningful, and sustainable.
We will practice sitting meditation and social meditation, there will be dialog and talks, we will be working with our social patterns in a transformative way.
Everyone is welcome no previous experience required!


nick kranz


Nick Kranz is an experienced and dynamic meditation teacher with a passion for sharing authentic wisdom. He’s interested in social innovation, cultural transformation, and collaborative business that positively impacts society.
Skillful Guide
After 20 years of deep training in the practice of meditation, Nick has a profound belief in everyone’s potential to explore and benefit from the practice, and is devoted to guiding people along the path with friendliness and skill.
Nick developed the practice of social meditation, which is practiced in  around the globe. He has trained hundreds of young leaders using this form of practice.
Nick speaks in front of hundreds at universities, hospitals, businesses, and online. His humor and relaxation inspire people to come into the present moment and enjoy.


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Centre: Stockholm Shambhala Center, Sandelsgatan 8, Stockholm.

Subway station: Karlaplan or Stadion Bus: 4,1, 54, 72

Time: 8 - 10 november

Price: 130 € (110 € members, students, retired, unemployed)

Info and questions: [email protected]



Plats: Stockholm Shambhala Center, Sandelsg. 8, T-Karlaplan el Stadion, Buss 4,1, 54, 72

Tid: 8 - 10 november

Språk: Engelska

Kostnad: 1500 kr (1300 kr för medlemmar, studerande, pensionärer och arbetssökande)

Anmälan här på hemsidan. Klicka på Registration här nedan och fyll i uppgifterna. Anmälningsavgift 300 kr betalas till pg 1342970-9, Shambhala Stockholm. Obs: skriv vem inbetalningen kommer ifrån!

Frågor och mer info: [email protected]



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