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The Desung Path: Protecting Basic Goodness in Enlightened Society

with Simon La Haye & Angela Newton
October 18 / 7:00 PM - October 20 / 4:00 PM

A Dorje Kasung program offered by the European Desung Arm

Facilitated by Dapon H, Simon La Haye, and Angie Newton, Kado, European Desung Arm Commander


The literal meaning of desung is "protector of bliss / harmony". The Desung Arm of the Dorje Kasung works to protect the harmony and support the health and well-being of the community. Desung practice is an integral aspect of all kasung activity, as well as a distinct and unique path. The desung path involves working with our own minds as we attempt to be helpful to others who are encountering significant physical, emotional, social or spiritual distress, such as during bereavement, physical illness, heightened emotional states, loss, or conflict. On the desung path all situations are viewed as workable and are recognised as an opportunity to experience basic goodness.

This program will provide an introduction to the Desung path for those wishing to explore this practice. It will serve as the entry level training for Dorje Kasung who would like to apply to join the Desung Arm. For more experienced Desung who wish to develop their understanding and skills, there will be an interwoven track of discussion and practice. This will also provide a strong container for the introductory training. There will be opportunity for participants at all levels to discuss their experience of desungship.

This program is offered to kasung from all regions who have an interest in deepening their personal skills in helping others and have demonstrated a commitment to the kasung path. All desung and dorje kasung in leadership positions are particularly encouraged to attend. Members of Shambhala in leadership positions, involved in community care or with professional involvement in the helping professions are also very welcome.


Program Cost:  £/€70 (concessions available, especially to people travelling from outside the UK)


Further information

Dorje Kasung wear Town Uniform # 4b

Civilians wear smart casual

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