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Learning to Live Mindfully: Working with Strong Emotions

with Mary Campbell
December 3 / 9:30 AM - December 3 / 12:00 PM

Learning to Live Mindfully: Working with Strong Emotions

 Emotions are a part of being human. It is through emotion that we experience life and connect with our world. At the same time, emotions can be painful and over whelming, quickly becoming a source of suffering and struggle as we try to control or avoid them. Through the practice of meditation, we cultivate an atmosphere of friendliness to our self within which we can transform our relationship with strong emotions from one of suffering and struggle to one of openness and curiosity,

This workshop will include guided meditation, teaching and group discussion. Participants will be introduced to contemplative approaches that work directly with some of the more challenging emotions that arise in daily life. Open to everyone!

9:00-9:30 am Registration / Sign-in and Tea

9:30 am - 12 noon Workshop

Learn to Live Mindfully is a series of workshops that offer practical teachings and meditation techniques to help us grow into more mindful and compassionate human beings. Each workshop includes guided meditation, teaching, and group discussion. Together, we’ll explore how to awaken to our lives and our world.

About the Instructor: Mary Campbell is a senior meditation instructor and teacher within the Shambhala-Buddhist tradition and teaches widely within Shambhala. Mary is also a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Psychiatry and Mental Health and has extensive experience teaching mindfulness within health care settings.

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