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Children's Blessing

with Richard John
October 27 / 4:45 PM - October 27 / 5:30 PM

The Children's Blessing is a sweet half hour ceremony followed by a reception.  It is a non-sectarian celebration inviting wakefulness and appreciation of the inherent goodness of children and witnessed by family and the community.  Though primarily for very young children, children of every age are invited to receive the blessing, and in the past, older children have been inspired to recieve the blessing right along with the little ones.  The Children's Blessing is a community event.  People significant in the child's life and the Shambhala community are all warmly encouraged to come.

The Children's Blessing will be given by Acharya Richard John, a remarkable and dedicated teacher and student of the Shambhala lineage and teachings.  Acharya John has a great sense of humor and warmth and is loved by many in Shambhala.

A gift to the teacher is traditional and is much appreciated.

Please register so that we may plan to receive you well.

A cheerful abundant Autumn to you!

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