Program Details

Shambhala Weekend Retreat Level V: Open Sky

with Bill Brauer
February 8 / 8:15 AM - February 9 / 5:00 PM

In Shambhala Weekend Retreat Level V: Open Sky our awareness continues to expand. This is likened to the open clear sky of mind, which is a delightful source of wisdom and uplifted energy.

By learning to trust our nature enough to let go into the present moment with gentleness and precision, the Shambhala teachings help us to soften our hearts and appreciate the sacredness of our daily lives.

Every Shambhala weekend retreat level includes thorough meditation instruction, periods of meditation practice, one-on-one meetings to clarify questions, talks by senior teachers, group discussions and a concluding reception.

Prerequisite: Shambhala Weekend Retreat Level IV: Awakened Heart
Recommended: Wisdom in Everyday Life.

Shambhala weekends are structured to offer participants teachings and an in-depth meditation retreat. Attendance is required for the Friday night talk and for each session of the program.

Note: Shambhala Weekend Retreat Level V completes the first series of Shambhala weekend retreat levels. Those participants who have completed Shambhala Weekend Retreat Levels I – V, as well as the five classes in the “Everyday Life” series (Contentment, Joy, Fearlessness and Wisdom), are invited to attend Rigden: Unconditional Confidence.

About the Way of Shambhala:

The Way of Shambhala is composed of Shambhala Weekend Retreat Levels I-V, each followed by a five-week course that expands upon what was offered in the weekend and brings the practice of meditation into everyday life.

Over the course of a year, the Way of Shambhala introduces the entire Shambhala path. This series offers a glimpse of the Shambhala vision of enlightened society by emphasizing the ways in which meditation can impact our daily lives, and from there, how the sanity of meditation can expand to impact our community and our whole society.

The course Wisdom in Everyday Life is recommended after Level V. The prerequisite for Wisdom in Everyday Life is Fearlessness in Everyday Life. Please click here for a full description and chart of the Way of Shambhala.

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