Program Details


with Kim Kelso
November 15 / 6:30 PM - November 17 / 1:30 PM

Please join us to learn about, and gain insight into, the power and clarity of the Heart Sutra and Homage Chants. Shastri Kim Kelso will lead us in practice and study, delving deep into the traditional Buddhist Heart Sutra chanted all over the world by most Buddhists.  We will also learn more about the imagery and lineage of the Homage chant.  For more information and a complete weekend schedule please see below.

On Friday night Shastri Kim will provide introductory comments on The Sutra of the Heart of Transcendent Knowledge as a preview of what we will be studying and practicing on Saturday.  A Sutra is a direct teaching by the Buddha, which has been passed down through the centuries.  This Sutra is the story of how Buddha offered the second turning of the Wheel of Dharma.  It is a teaching on emptiness and how this realization is relevant to how we see ourselves and our life experiences.  Through practice, contemplation and exploration of the words, exercises and discussion, we will together deepen our relationship to these pivotal Buddhist teachings.  

On Sunday, we will learn more about the Homage chant to our Shambhala Buddhist heritage.  This chant is based on the opening section of the terma (hidden treasure) text received by the Dorje Dradul, founder of Shambhala International in 1976.  In this chant we are paying homage to our Rigden lineage and our path as Warriors in the tradition of The Great Eastern Sun. 


Please REGISTER here to attend this program. Friday night talk is free and open to the public, and can be attended without registration.

If you have any questions about the program, please email Practice and Education at [email protected]

Weekend Schedule:

Friday night -

  • 6:30 Check in and last minute registrations

  • Talk from 7:00 to 8:30 pm (Friday night talk is free and open to the public)           


Saturday -    

  • 8:30 Light breakfast

  • 9:00 Sitting and Talk            

  • 12:00 - 1:00 Lunch provided at the Center 

  • 1:00 - 5:30 Talks and Discussion


Sunday -   

  • 8:30 Light Breakfast                    

  • 9:00 Sitting and Talk                              

  • 1:30 Conclude with Reception

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