Program Details

Natural Wisdom and Emotional Alchemy: Western adaptations of Buddhist practice

with Alexander deVaron & Valerie Saxton
February 23 / 1:30 PM - February 23 / 3:30 PM

Over the past few decades, Buddhist practices have been adapted for Western peoples, often by integrating them with Western psychology.  These East-West hybrids take many forms, but share these common viewpoints:

  • You are inherently wise. 

  • You are capable of profound compassion, towards yourself and others. 

  • Difficult emotions can be transformed from impediments to allies.

  • At your core, you are a dynamic collection of habits, rather than a singular and unchanging self.


 In this class you will:

  • Learn about the history and development of these approaches. 

  • Practice meditations intended to connect you with your inner wisdom, foster compassion, and transform difficult emotions. 

  • Connect with a community of fellow practitioners and resources for integrating these practices into your current path. 

  • Begin to access unconditional open awareness even in the midst of strong feelings and challenging situations.

  • Develop curiosity about your mind and dexterity in how you work with it.

  • Explore the connection between mind and body.

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