Program Details

Ecology of the Heart

with Nick Kranz
March 13 / 7:00 PM - March 14 / 5:00 PM

Perhaps one of the most pressing issues of our time is the threat to our biosphere. Along with many wisdom traditions of the earth, the Buddhist tradition has a long history of wisdom in regards to our interdependence with the biosphere. In fact the great teacher Padmasambhava (8th century A.D.) predicted a time in which the inner five emotional responses would become out of balance, thus poisoning the five elements and causing extreme weather and destabilisation of the biosphere.

Having arrived in this moment together, how can we rise to these challenges without burning out or losing hope?
How can we begin to practice the inner sustainability that would support a homeostasis of a healthy ecosystem or would we not inevitably recreate the same kinds of problems that have come from the way we understand ourselves and nature currently?

We will focus on healing through somatic feeling, meditation, dialogue and exploring our direct experience of being an embodied living awareness that is part of nature.

Through appreciating our senses and learning capacity to work with our strong feelings and emotions as an embodied being in the world, we will build the support to show up and manifest an individual and collective journey, with integrity and dignity, even if we cannot reverse the damage that has been done to our biosphere through climate change.
Either way, the fierce honesty and skills of relating to our subjective experience are the most important part of our integrity, as part of a healthy self aware ecosystem.

Come bravely be in this communal situation without turning away, share the compassion of presence with yourselves and others!

You can just attend the program on Friday and Saturday or also participate on Sunday with Social Meditation under the theme Ecology of the Heart.

The cost of the program includes coffee, tea, snacks and a reception. You can bring your lunch and eat at the centre.

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