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Shambhala Queer Dharma Retreat

with Basia Solarz & Eric Spiegel
June 26 / 5:00 PM - June 28 / 4:30 PM

All beings possess natural goodness, kindness and intelligence, noble qualities inherent in each of us. The Shambhala dharma is about gaining confidence in these innate qualities by means of meditation and infusing this confidence into our everyday lives. While this is true for everyone, the LBGTQ community faces particular challenges within society; this can be both an inspiration and an obstacle for each of us.

In this retreat we will gently explore our identity: How do I define myself? How am I perceived? How does this influence my relationship to others and society? Through personal inquiry and supportive discussion, we explore how to maintain the integrity of our identity while fostering compassion for others with diverse views. As we allow ourselves to relax into our inherent goodness, the boundaries that separate us from others may begin to soften.

Our weekend together includes meditation, movement, walks in nature and community celebration. Inspired and nurtured, we return to our lives with greater clarity, confidence and an open heart. This retreat for the LGBTQ community invites practitioners of all levels of experience, but no previous meditation is necessary.


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