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First Monday Dharma Talk: The Challenges and Benefits of the Practice of Generosity

with Janet Bronstein
August 3 / 7:00 PM - August 3 / 8:30 PM

The Buddhist teachings represent the collected insights and observations of meditators around the world and across the centuries. The Shambhala teachings represent the experiences of individuals who have participated in societies based on kindness, non-aggression, and appreciation of the natural world. 

For six First Mondays beginning March 3, the talks will introduce ideas explored in the Lion of Joy class on alternate Wednesday nights beginning July 8.  This month’s topic:

Generosity is the first of the six Paramitas, or skillful means of a bodhisattva, and is the basis from which the other skillful means arise.  Practicing generosity involves relaxing our habitual tendency to protect ourselves from perceived threats and challenges to our persona and our possessions.  Practicing generosity also helps us realize how abundant our resources actually are, and how rewarding it is to share them with others.

No charge, donations welcome.


     Meditation practice 7:00-7:25 (instruction available)

     Dharma talk and discussion 7:35-8:30

Please visit Shambhala-Talks-Online to listen to recordings of past First Monday Dharma talks.


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