Program Details

Why Vajrayana?

with Mathias Pongracz
April 25 / 4:00 PM - May 1 / 9:00 AM

In this context, questions arise: why practice Vajrayana? What does `Vajra` mean?

What are the skillful means of Vajrayana and how do they help us free our life experience from the suffering caused by repeating habitual patterns?


It is said that Vajrayana is the strongest médicine for times when suffering and confusion are the strongest- that it has the potency to transform our dualistic view into a view of sacred outlook, the potency get oneself out of stuckness and to lead one to a wise and compassionate life.


What are the means of Vajrayana? How do they work and what are the obstacles on the path?


We will explore the fundamental principles of Vajrayana, the practice of the creation - and completion phase ( Kye-rim/ dzog rim), the practice of luminosity , the work with sound light and subtle movement.


Group practice will be offered space and time for everyone’s individual practice.


There will be times for small group exchanges, individual interviews as well as physical exercises, Qi Gong, and leisurely walks in nature.


This retreat is open to all Shambhala vajrayana students who have attended a Vajradhatu Vajrayana Seminary or a Sacred World Assembly.


Arrival day (Sunday 25 April): Orientation talk at 8 pm. You're invited to come from 4 pm in order to register and settle in your room. Dinner is served at 6.45 pm.

End of program (Friday 30 April): Closing circle and Banquet in the evening.

Departure day (Saturday 1 May): You may leave anytime (no programme). You're welcome to stay for lunch.

Langage: This programme is taught in English. Free translation into French or other languages needs to be confirmed. Important: We need 2 months notice of translation requests. If you are registering late, please contact us directly about translation.

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