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ONLINE: HOW TO LEAD STRATEGICALLY: Self-Cultivation & Relating with Others

with Suzann Duquette & Jane Arthur
August 22 / 12:00 AM - August 23 / 12:00 AM

At the foundation of learning to lead strategically is stillness. What roles do stillness, simplicity, and inner peace have in leadership? What is embodied listening? How do we recognize the traps we set for ourselves as leaders and discover true confidence? From stillness, we learn to let go of personal agendas, tame ego, and develop clarity, which leads to harmony for the good of the organization, community, and/or business.

This is the first of four weekend programs on How to Lead Strategically. 

How to Lead Strategically is a four-session series developed in collaboration with Dr. Eva Wong that is relevant to everyone, as we are all leaders in different aspects of our lives. How can we learn to lead from the inside out? As taught by Zhuge Liang, learning to lead strategically from the inside out provides a clear path to benefiting ourselves, others, and society. This approach to leadership is of even greater importance and relevance during times of uncertainty and chaos.

All sessions are scheduled for a day and a half on weekends. You may take one or more of the modules. Materials will include a workbook of program presentations and exercises, as well as selected Zhuge Liang banners for contemplation. 

Session One: Aug. 22 - 23, Self-Cultivation & Relating to Others.

Session Two: Oct. 3 - 4, Relating with Others and the World

Session Three: Nov. 7 - 8, The Art of Leading - Embodied Presence

Session Four: Dec. 5 - 6, The Art of Leading - Strategic Wisdom

Zhuge Liang, who lived in third-century China, is known as one of the world’s greatest strategists. He taught that leaders need to be strategists. Also renowned as a statesperson, diplomat, covert operator and tactician, he was an advisor to rulers, military commanders, and commercial leaders. Zhuge Liang’s teachings are deeply relevant for anyone wanting to lead an organization, community or business in a more thoughtful and helpful way during these times.

According to Zhuge Liang, both those who lead and those who advise leaders walk the “bright path.” As he said: The “bright path” is the vast view and the path of the Tao and Virtue. A vast and bright mind is required to illuminate vision. … It is only through simplicity and humility that vision can be illuminated. It is only through stillness and inner peace that we can have a vast view.

The series will include exercises for self-reflection and leadership, contemplation, and embodiment of Zhuge Liang’s essence teachings on leadership.

Developed in conjunction with Dr. Eva Wong, the program draws on her upcoming book, “The Collected Writings of Zhuge Liang – A Handbook of Strategy, Leadership, and Statecraft.”


The online Zoom room opens at 8:45 a.m on Saturday, Aug. 22, for you to sign-in, check your connection, and do any necessary trouble-shooting of technical issues.

The program starts at 9:00am and goes until about 6pm on Saturday, with regular breaks. On Sunday the the program runs from 9am to 12:30pm.


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