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Turning Our Minds To The Dharma: A Class on Contemplating the Four Reminders [Online]

with Emily Bower & Joel Wachbrit
July 21 / 7:30 PM - August 25 / 9:30 PM

This six-week course will present traditional teachings that are essential to Buddhist thought, and that illuminate how we could all enjoy our life much more. Known as the Four Reminders, or the Four Thoughts that Turn the Mind Toward the Dharma, these teachings invite us to contemplate the Dharmic view of the preciousness of our life, the impermanence of everything, how suffering is impossible to avoid, and how we are all subject to karma.

Contemplating these truths can actually inspire us to appreciate our life more and to be more present to our experience.

This class will provide an opportunity for us to delve deeper into the foundational teachings of the Buddha. Through readings, talks by the teachers, contemplation practice and sharing how these teachings relate to each of us personally we can learn how to integrate these Four Reminders into our daily lives as well as our meditation practice.

This class is recommended for those who have had an established meditation practice for at least a year and/or have taken at least one course in Buddhism at a Shambhala Center or other Buddhist center (or online). The required readings for the class will be from the book, This Precious Life by Khandro Rinpoche, available on Amazon and through other booksellers.


We recognize that some people may be experiencing financial hardship at this time. Please pay in accordance with your circumstances (write in the amount). Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.

About the teachers:

Acharya Emily Bower

Acharya Emily Bower encountered the Shambhala community through workplace colleagues in San Francisco, around the time of the passing of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche in 1987. After dathün in 1991, she joined the staff of Karmê Chöling for three years. She later joined the Sakyong’s editorial staff, assisting him with Turning the Mind Into an Ally and several other published writings, as well as serving as faculty for two 3-month seminaries at Shambhala Mountain Center. In 2000, she became an acquiring book editor at Shambhala Publications and stayed there for 10 years. In 2011, she moved to Los Angeles to marry Peter Alan Roberts and has greatly enjoyed the SoCal sangha.

Acharya Emily Bower

Shastri Joel Wachbrit has been a member of the Los Angeles Shambhala community since 1989. He served as Center Co-Director and before that was Director of Buddhist Education for 7 years. In 2016 he was appointed as one of three Shastris, or senior teachers, for the greater Los Angeles area. Joel has been a working musician for more than forty years and for the last twenty he has composed music for TV and film.

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