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2021 Buddhist Wisdoms and Realms series - Tibetan Book of the Dead reading and the celebration of Día de Muertos

with Linda Mockeridge
November 2 / 6:30 PM - November 2 / 9:00 PM

2021 Buddhist Wisdoms and Realms series

"Consciousness consists of emotions and irregular thought patterns, all of which taken together form the different fantasy worlds with which we occupy ourselves. These fantasy worlds are referred to in the scriptures as the "six realms."

- Chogyam Trungpa, The Myth of Freedom", p. 22


We have studied the teachings on the Six Realms that show us how to wake up from our habit of sleepwalking through life.  This series culminates with an event of the reading of the Tibetan Book of the Dead which incorporates our year-long study of Buddhist topics On Wisdom and Realms.

Reading of the Tibetan Book of the Dead and an Ofrenda for the Day of the Dead  (An ofrenda (Spanish: "offering") is a home altar with a collection of objects placed on a ritual display during the annual and traditionally Mexican Día de Muertos celebration.


6:30 PM 

The zoom room will open to honor our local traditions, an ofrenda will be a part of the final event to celebrate the traditional Mexican Día de Muertos. Since this will be on Zoom, we are asking for those who have an ofrenda to share a picture and a story of a relative on their altar.   

7-9 PM 

The reading of the Tibetan Book of the Dead: The Great Liberation through Hearing in the Bardo Translated with commentary by Francesca Freemantle & Chogyam Trungpa will be read as far as we can (the entire text would take 4 1/2 hours, but it is a school night).  Anyone with a copy of this translation, is invited to read a portion, so have your copy handy. 

"Death comes without warning; this body will be a corpse. At that time, the dharma will be my only help; I must practice it with exertion." 

Zoom link

 NOTE - there are multiple translations of the Tibetian Book of the Dead.  For this reading we will be using the version pictured above by Chogyam Trungpa and Francesca Fremantel. An electronic version can be purchased on Goggle Books.

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