Program Details

Groundless Courage: Teaching on Death, Dying and the Bardo

with Eric Spiegel
December 31 / 12:00 AM - December 31 / 12:00 AM

Two live events: Saturdays, September 18 and October 16 at 2pm (ET) and five pre-recorded talks to enjoy at your convenience.


Program Description: 

In this time of COVID-19, when death suddenly becomes so apparent, there is no better time to explore the meaning and practice of bravery where we often encounter fear, grief, anxiety and uncertainty.

Impermanence and change in general, and the idea of death in particular, are moments fraught with difficulty but also filled with deep potential. Buddhist teachings say that times of transition – intermediary times known as “bardo” – are moments when we can experience enormous freedom and possibility, but what we usually do is freeze and resist. This course provides instruction and practice to work with the teachings on death and dying as they manifest throughout our lives.


About Eric Spiegel


Eric Spiegel has been teaching the Shambhala Dharma since the mid 1970s.  During the AIDS epidemic, Eric Spiegel became a spiritual guide to many friends and students who were dying, working with people through the unknown months or years of gradual dissolution of their life, and the transition through death. 

Through this process--the contemplation of his own impermanence and the work with others as they went through the unpredictable dying process--his connection to these teachings has been intimate. 

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