Magali Meneses Ibañez



Born in Santiago, Chile, I was raised in many different places because my father was in the army. Thus, I lived in the country, in the dessert, in Washington DC, all around Santiago… changing schools, houses and friends. We were Catholics, as everyone else I knew, and as a child I had the chance to take part in old rituals, processions, elaborated masses with incense and candles. I was transported by the magic. But somehow I lost it as I grew up, and I don’t remember any connection until religion became a social commitment, by the end of high school. I studied Fine Arts and was strongly involved in politics, and after theCoup, in 1973, I lived on exile for 5 years in Paris, France. I came back to Chile with twoaughters and started to do experimental videos and documentaries for the feminist movement, which was my passion at that time, and slowly became a filmmaker. I started meditating in 1994, with a group that rented a room on Wednesday evenings, it was Shambhala and right away I had a very clear feeling of being home. I wanted to read, to learn, take any class I could, in 2001 I did Warriors Assembly, 2002 Sutrayana Seminary,003 Kalapa Assembly and Vajrayana Seminary. I started translating for the Sakyong in his 2002 visit to Chile, it was a very profound and moving experience.I have been in many roles in Shambhala, as MI, teacher, translator, Director of the Center twice, member of the Sakyong’s Counsel, Shastri since 2010 and the Sakyong appointed asme as an Acharya in February 2016, while in Chile.’m a documentary filmmaker, mother of 3 girls, and grandmother. I live in Santiago and teach filmmaking in the University.