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“Shambhala is a path of awakening through meditation. And it’s awakening, first, to our own basic goodness.”

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The benefits of meditation are widely touted these days. You may have tried it out yourself, or had it recommended to you by a friend, a healthcare professional, or even a podcast. But what’s the best way to start–and more importantly, maintain–a meditation practice in your daily life? In this […]

How does meditation affect the amygdala? Much has been written about meditation and the amygdala, but almost all of it was written from the perspective of 20th century understanding of the brain. The advent of the 21st century has been accompanied by a new understanding of how the brain works […]

Much of the suffering in our lives is rooted in fear. Fortunately, Buddhism and meditation offer excellent supports for working with fear—and with anxiety, the worry about uncertain threats that many of us carry in contemporary life. Fear is pervasive, especially in this world of polarization, aggression, and lack of […]

Image Credits: Barbara Batt, Corey Ruffner, Dechen Chöling, Karmê Chöling.

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