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Help enrich your local course offerings, bring local and global community together, and increase your sustainability through the Shambhala Online Revenue Share Program.

Videos Explaining the Revenue Share Model

The Shambhala Online team has put together a series of short (1- to 2-minute) videos to answer any questions you may have about the Revenue Share Model. Click on the links below to view the videos:

Revenue Share Options for Your Centre or Group

The Revenue Share Model is designed to build local community around core elements of the Shambhala path and culture, while also supporting the financial sustainability and program offerings of Shambhala Centres and Groups.

There are three ways to participate in Revenue Share Courses:

Option 1: 50% Revenue Share for Qualifying Live Courses

For qualifying courses, Shambhala Online will offer a 50% share of gross income for all registrations from participating Centres and Groups. Gross income is revenue after teacher honorariums and PayPal/Stripe transaction fees.

Our qualifying courses are those that build community around core elements of Shambhala path and culture. For 2024, these programs are listed below:

Shambhala Training

  • Shambhala Level IV: Awakened Heart (starting March 16)
  • Shambhala Level V: Open Sky (starting June 8)
  • Great Eastern Sun (starting September 21)
  • Windhorse (starting October 26)
  • Drala (starting December 7)

Teacher Training and Development

  • 2024 Continuing Education For Meditation Instructor : Weekend 1 (starting April 13)
  • 2024 Continuing Education For Meditation Instructors : Weekend 2 (starting May 4)
  • 2024 Continuing Education For Meditation Instructors : Weekend 3 (starting June 22)
  • Developing As A Dharma Teacher (September 2024)


  • Journey Without Goal (starting March 31)
  • Being Buddhist: Exploring the Refuge Vow (starting April 6)
  • Understanding Vajrayana: An Exploration of the Vajrayana Path and Culture (starting September 8)
  • Being A Bodhisattva: Exploring the Bodhisattva Vow (starting November 2)

Option 2: 50% Revenue Share on Any Shambhala Online Course for Local Cohorts of 5 or More

Any Shambhala Centre or Group can form a cohort of at least 5 students to take anyShambhala Online course (both live and recorded), and benefit from a 50% revenue share. This option is applicable only when cohorts gather locally—either in person or online (or hybrid)—around Shambhala Online courses.

Steps to enable this revenue share are:

  1. Share with the Shambhala Online registrar ([email protected]) the course title, and the local cohort (of 5 or more people) intending to take it together, if known.
  2. Describe how a cohort plans to meet to take the course in a way that fosters local community.
  3. At least 5 paying participants must join the course.

Option 3: 25% Revenue Share For Individual Registrations Through Centre and Group Marketing

For all Shambhala Online courses that do not qualify for the 50% revenue share through either Options 1 or 2, there is a 25% revenue share option available. This is for individuals who find the course through your Centre or Group’s local marketing efforts, and who register using a specific Revenue Share code during the registration process. The code for these courses is: 2024RevShare25

This approach requires someone in leadership at your local Centre or Group to market and promote this code to your local community and email list in an ongoing way. This is how your community members will know they need to use the Revenue Share code in order for your Centre or Group to receive 25% of revenue from any Shambhala Online course. Ideally, someone atyour local Centre would be sending out a monthly newsletter to your community that reminds them of upcoming Shambhala Online courses and provides the Revenue Share code.

Steps for your Centre or Group to Participate in a Revenue Share Course and How Individuals From Your Community Will Register

To enable any of the options above, registrants must follow these two steps on Shambhala Online registration pages:

  1. Indicate which Centre or Group they wish their revenue share to go toward. They will find this in a dropdown on the registration page.
  2. Enter a revenue share code for the course into the appropriate box on the checkout page (illustrated below). They will find the correct code as follows:
  • Option 1: Codes for each of these courses are listed above.
  • Option 2: For local cohorts, we will supply you with a unique code when you contact us.
  • Option 3: The shared code for these courses is: 2024RevShare25

Tracking Your Centre or Group’s Registrations

How Centre or Group leaders can track their local registrations and Revenue Share income has significantly improved since our Revenue Share Course Pilot. You will now be able to easily access how many people have registered and your Revenue Share income through one consolidated form. This is how it will work:

Payment Process

Your Centre’s Revenue Share payment will be sent to your Centre 6-8 weeks following the start date of the course. Shambhala Online will mail a check to your Centre, along with a summary of your revenue share transactions. There is also the option to receive your payment through PayPal or as a direct transfer to your Centre’s bank account if needed. If you have any questions about the payment process, please contact Jackie Roberts at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view our regularly updated FAQ document. 

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