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Help enrich your local course offerings, bring local and global community together, and increase your sustainability through the Shambhala Online Revenue Share Program. By offering selected Shambhala Online courses through your Group or Centre, you will receive a 50/50 income share, where half the course income after direct expenses goes directly to your Centre or Group.

How It Works

  • Shambhala Online provides the online platform, teachers, and technology for a course or retreat
  • You start the process of offering one of these courses or retreats locally by filling out this form. Make sure to indicate who your main local point person will be for the course or retreat. 
  • Once you have filled in this form, the Shambhala Online Registrar will send your Centre or Group’s point person a link that you can use to ask people to register for the course or retreat.
  • The Registrar will also give specific Shambhala Database access to your local point person so they can see who has registered from your local Center or Group. 
  • Please promote these courses in the same way as you would any other local course or retreat. The only difference is, you will send people via a link on your local webpage to the Shambhala Online website to register (this will be the link provided to you by Shambhala Online’s Registrar). 
  • You can click here for a good example of language you could use for your local Shambhala Centre or Group website from the Denver Shambhala Centre, Sept, 2023. (Technical note: If you’re seeing extra “Register Here” buttons on the webpage that shouldn’t be there, uncheck “Allow registrations” in the SDB event and “Save” your changes.)
  • When your community members register through the unique course link, they will be prompted to enter which Centre or Group they are connected to, and Shambhala Online will track this.
  • Registrants will receive individual access to the course materials.
  • We encourage you to offer in-person gatherings locally. For example, your community members can gather together in person to watch live sessions and online recordings. In-person discussion groups and readings are another great option. Please note, this is not a requirement.
  • After the course has run, Shambhala Online will send you a check or will transfer funds for 50% of the net income made through the registration link you shared with your community.
  • If you have questions, contact the Shambhala Online Registrar, Andy Benson, at [email protected] or you can review this FAQ document for more information.

Benefits for Your Centre or Group

  • No financial outlay or risk to you. Your Centre or Group will no longer have to purchase courses ahead of time. If your community members register using the revenue share course link, your Centre or Group will receive 50% of the net income from the course.
  • Individuals will now get their own course materials, meaning Centres and Groups will no longer have to share links. There will be much less local administration.
  • Your community members can take courses with wonderful teachers from across the mandala.
  • You can build your local community and expand your course offerings.

Upcoming Courses within the Revenue Share Program:

Note: Please use the unique links above to have participants register through your Group or Centre. This is the only way for Shambhala Online to track registrations and revenues for your Centre.

Please fill out this form if you plan to offer one of the pilot programs at your Group or Centre! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view our regularly updated FAQ document. 

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