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Maitri Five Wisdom Energies

Maitri Five Wisdom Energies practice was first developed by Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche and is based on the principles of the five buddha families of Tibetan tantra. Each buddha family emphasizes a particular aspect of enlightened energy or enlightened wisdom. These energies also have their confused emotional and environmental aspects, which the practitioner learns how to recognize and transform. For example, emotional energies such as fear, anger, desire, and pride, when related to directly, can be transformed into enlightened qualities containing tremendous intelligence, vigor, and heart.

Maitri Five Wisdom Energies is practiced by maintaining particular postures in five different colored environments, either with colored glasses or in specifically designed rooms (Maitri rooms are available at Shambhala Mountain Center, Karmê Chöling, and Dechen Chöling). Each posture evokes one of the five wisdom energies. The emphasis of the practice is on discovering within these raw and wakeful energies unconditional friendliness (or Maitri, a Sanskrit term pronounced “my tree”) towards oneself. This discovery becomes a basis for living one’s life more fully, skillfully understanding and relating with others, and establishing a dynamic and healthy relationship with one’s work, home, and natural environments.


The Maitri Five Wisdom Energies are practiced in weekend programmes at Shambhala centers or in intensive retreats at Shambhala residential centers. The Five Wisdom Energies is a group practice however after a practitioner has completed a weekend, one may do the practice at home in the context of an ongoing study group led by an authorized Maitri teacher. This is an excellent way to deepen one’s experience of individual buddha families as they arise in daily life.

Some Maitri Five Wisdom Energy programs are oriented to contemplative psychology, communication, and relationships, working with emotions, the arts, the workplace, or design and architecture to name a few.

The Maitri Five Wisdom Energies practice is part of the Shambhala School of Buddhist Studies and is presented in a weekend format as an experiential introduction to Vajrayana; in the fourth cycle, the Dragon Series. Here, participants experience the Five Wisdom Energies by doing the posture/color practice and learn a four-step practice based on the five wisdoms which allows one to transform emotions.

Recommended Books

Recommended Books by Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche containing chapters on the five buddha families

The Tantric Path of Indestructible Wakefulness: The Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma, Volume Three

Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

Dharma Art

Journey Without Goal

The Lion’s Roar

The Myth of Freedom

Orderly Chaos; The Mandala Principle

Secret Beyond Thought

Transcending Madness, – The Experience of the Six Bardos

The Tibetan Book of the Dead – Translated with commentary by Francesca Fremantle and Chögyam Trungpa.

Maitri Courses

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