Angelika Behrooz

Angelika Behrooz has been a student of Shambhala since 1986. Notable steps on her path were a 2-year staff residency at the Karme Chöling retreat center in Vermont and the completion of a 3-year Buddhist retreat at Gampo Abbey, the Shambhala monastery in Nova Scotia. She has been a teacher and meditation instructor in Shambhala since the 1990s. Her earlier teaching was mostly from the Buddhist curriculum and her more recent focus has been on the "Way of Shambhala": the Shambhala Training weekend levels and weekday classes. She lives in Boulder, Colorado where she served as a Shastri, or senior teacher, at the Boulder Shambhala Center for a number of years. In her professional life she holds a Ph.D. in Physics and was active in research and many years of Physics teaching. She currently owns and operates a bookstore.

Angelika's Courses

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