Tessa Watt

Tessa Watt has been practising meditation with the London Shambhala Centre for 30 years, and was appointed as a Shastri (senior teacher) from 2017-20. Tessa teaches the Shambhala Training programme levels 1 to 5, along with occasional courses on varied themes, particularly in the territory of how meditation can support us with the challenges of our time. She has led and supported longer retreats, recently a week-long "Coming to our Senses." Tessa has had a varied career: she was a Research Fellow in History at Cambridge University, and then for 16 years she was a Producer with BBC Radio, making documentary features. Since 2009 she’s been a full-time mindfulness teacher, offering courses for the general public and in workplaces, including many large global companies working with Awaris. She is the lead mindfulness teacher for MPs and staff in the UK’s Houses of Parliament, and she led an inquiry into "Mindfulness in the Workplace" for the All-party Parliamentary Group for Mindfulness. Tessa has taught at SOAS, University of London on their MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation. She is the author of A Practical Guide to Mindfulness and Mindful London. She lives in London, UK and has two adult daughters.

Tessa's Courses

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