Let us cultivate a culture of kindness. In that moment we are determining the outcome of the world.
~ Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Shambhala is a global network of people who have confidence in the fundamental goodness and worthiness of humanity, and the power of that goodness to shift the social and environmental dynamics of our planet.

Using a simple exchange, a culture is being transmitted. SMR TSP

Becoming a Shambhala member is an invitation and opportunity to participate in a “living lab” for creating good human society. Membership is open to anyone from any background, culture, faith or walk of life – all are welcome!

Most people become members through their local Shambhala Centre. If you do not live close to a Shambhala Centre, you can become an International Member of Shambhala. In either case, members are part of an international network of individuals dedicated to increasing compassion, sanity and human dignity in this world.


Membership through your local Shambhala Centre

First of all, everyone is welcome to attend community events and programs at Shambhala Centres – there is no requirement to become a member in order to participate, though advanced classes and trainings do have prerequisites. Meditation instruction, public meditation, and some introductory offerings are available without charge, though donations are certainly appreciated.

As we become more involved, membership offers a way to practice generosity. It is a gesture of support to the values and practices that Shambhala embodies, and is expressed in the following four areas:

  1. The Practice of Community/Society: Shambhala is a community that practices the teachings on basic goodness, and explores how to create a culture within our communities that embodies that profound principle. Membership offers active engagement in contemplating and building a different kind of society altogether.
  2. Meditation Practice: A member of Shambhala makes a connection to mindfulness-awareness practice, and works to integrate that practice into daily life in order to create a foundation for healthy social relationships and an enlightened society. This connection may also be made through contemplative practices based on mindfulness-awareness.
  3. Volunteer service: A large majority of Shambhala activities are conducted by volunteers, and there are many ways to help. Members donate time to their local centre based on their interests, skills and personal availability.
  4. Financial Support: Shambhala is sustained through dues and donations. When one becomes a member through a local centre, one’s financial contributions support the needs of the local centre as well as the international Shambhala organization. Dues structures vary across local Centres, but giving can always be tailored to one’s individual financial situation. Your local Shambhala Center will ensure that anyone who wants to be a member can afford to do so.

To locate a Shambhala Centre near you click here.

Joining Shambhala as an International Member

If you are interested in supporting Shambhala but don’t live close to a Shambhala Centre, you are welcome to join as an international member of Shambhala. International members engage with the Shambhala community and supplement their personal meditation practice by participating in online conversations and courses, and connecting with a meditation instructor via phone or skype. International members are asked to support Shambhala by offering monthly membership dues appropriate to their financial situation. There are also international volunteer opportunities for those who are interested in offering their skills and talents.

For more information about becoming an International Member contact Faradee Rudy at [email protected].