This weekend workshop introduces the view that certain turning points, or bardos, in our lives can be transformative if we know how to embrace fear with an open heart. It introduces Susan Gillis Chapmans new book, Which Way is Up? Finding Heart in the

Phyllis Mark will talk with members of an interfaith group from St. Stephen's Church about Buddhism and Shambhala. Our members are invited to meet with the group.

In Shambhala, we establish a supportive container for meditation practice through the use of form and decorum. Following decorum allows us to relax confidently into the forms with gentleness, lightness and precision. Would you like to expand your

BSMC Council meets from 1pm-2:30pm to discuss the needs of the Center in the perspective of the Principles of Shambhala.
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2024-07-24 11:16:10