Take your mindfulness practice into the great outdoors and join fellow hikers in the Shambhala meditation practice of drala. We hike in noble silence while contemplatively attuning and engaging the senses in the phenomenal world around us.

  Become part of our creative contemplative community inspired by the Shambhala arts. The aim of this group is to engage the senses and tap into our own inner wisdom […]

This course will integrate True Perception dharma art practices with True Perception Shambhala meditation practices. No meditation or photography experience necessary. You will receive instruction. (you need a digital camera. A phone camera is fine).

Contemplative Creativity Lab: exploring creative processes that arise from meditative discipline   About Contemplative Creativity Lab: Contemplative Creativity Lab is an online meditation community group led by Shambhala Art teachers […]
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2023-10-02 17:03:00