Beginning November 3rd, the Friday Book Group will be reading, "Living Non-Duality: Enlightenment Teachings of Self-Realization" by Robert Wolfe. This is a Zoom event.

Our dharma book discussion will be held on the 1st and 2nd Sunday of each month.  We will discuss one chapter each week.  You are encouraged, though not required, to […]

Eco-Dharma Talk Series session five. Explore the cultivation of agility and courage to abide in a genuine, ongoing relationship with this sacred earth, no matter what the next decades bring.

Eco-Dharma Talk Series session one. Join this exploration of the ways in which we can reframe and understand the crises that we currently face and how we can LIVE our way rather than KNOW our way into the future.

Eco-Dharma Talk Series session two. By shortening the distance between consumers and producers, we encourage diversity on the farmwhich in turn means greater productivity, more local livelihoods, more nutritious food and healthier ecosystems.

Eco-Dharma Talk Series session four. The Inner Green Deal assumes that our current crisis is a crisis of relationships. How can mindfulness teachers contribute to that necessary shift from ego to eco?
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2024-07-15 07:11:30