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Location: Birmingham Shambhala Center

How to Practice and Teach Mindfulness-Awareness Meditation

This weekend program is designed to support those interested in sharing the practice of meditation with others to cultivate the understanding and skills to assist others along their meditation path. 

It is also open to those with an interest in understanding more about their own meditation practice.

At the Saturday session, presenters will discuss how to give initial meditation instruction with time for questions, answers and insights by participants. Presenters will also address the following topics that are a part of current culture:  

  • Meditation instruction online
  • How meditation apps can fit in 
  • Reclaiming attention from social media
  • Working with anxiety and depression 

The Sunday session will focus on unpacking Shamatha-Vipashyana, including: 

  • The difference between mindfulness (Shamatha) and awareness (Vipashyana)
  • How awareness develops over time
  • The fruition of meditation practice (authentic presence)

At BSMC, following Sunday’s session, we will offer an information and question and answer session for those interested in training as meditation instructors at the Birmingham Shambhala Meditation Center.  Here is an information sheet regarding this planned local training. 

This program is offered as a Revenue Sharing Course with Shambhala Online.  Register with Shambhala Online on this page and enter the unique code: 2024CONTINUING50

For more information, contact Janet Bronstein.


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