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Location: Shambhala Meditation Center of Albany

Saturday and the Three Jewels: Dharma and Practice- Together

Saturday Sits is a monthly morning class for those of us who find it easier to come to a meditation center to support our mindfulness practices in community than to figure them out alone. Right there in that invitation we can relax in the shared human experience that it’s easier to work with our own minds and sharpen awareness when we’re connected to each other – precisely the Buddha’s teaching of the Three Jewels – Buddha, Dharma, Sangha – the teacher, the teachings and community. 
So on these Saturday mornings we’ll hear and discuss specific wisdom teachings and we’ll practice sitting and walking meditation.  All levels are invited. 
Elissa Kane teaches mediation as a way to remind her to practice. She welcomes you to join her in the reality of what’s it like to strengthen our practice together. 
Donation of any amount appreciated. 
Shambhala Meditation Center of Albany
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2024-07-13 02:26:16