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Location: Vancouver Shambhala Meditation Centre

Ikebana: An Introduction to Freestyle

NOTE: this Sunday workshop is intended for those with some Ikebana experience. Attending the Saturday “Introduction to Ikebana” workshop the day before counts toward that experience, as does any other Ikebana experience.  If you would like to attend both days, register for the Saturday workshop and also this one: Sunday’s “Introduction to Freestyle”  Then select  “Special” to pay $150 for both days – a significant savings. (Please register for both days, but you only need to pay once: select the “Special”price)


What makes ikebana a contemplative practice? As one comes to understand the basic principles and angles of classic Ikebana arrangements, it’s possible to “branch out”  beyond rules with knowledge, experience, and confidence into a freer approach, but still respecting the principles of Heaven, Earth, and Human that govern all Sogetsu ikebana practice.  (Additionally Sogetsu approaches welcome the use of unusual materials in addition to the living branches and flowers.)


Connecting to nature with a deeper awareness allows one to find harmony and balance not only in an arrangement but also within oneself. Slowing down, paying attention and listening to your material is the meditative practice.

Sunday we will have fun making freestyle arrangements with a particular focus given to guide your personal creations.

This one-day workshop follows on from Saturday’s Introduction to Ikebana. It is also offered to anyone who has previous experience in classical Ikebana practices. 

Brooke Benn Pohl lives in Lexington, Kentucky. She has studied Sogetsu Ikebana for 30 years with Master Sensei Noriko Fields who resided in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Over the years Brooke has given demonstrations, taught workshops and classes throughout North America and created arrangements for the Lexington Symphony,  the Japan America Society of Kentucky, meditation retreats, various restaurants and other public and private venues. 

Please bring a selection of containers. If you have a kenzan (needle “frog” for flower arrangements) and a clipper (kasumi) please bring them. Some may be available for loan or sale on the day.

This workshop is open to everyone who took Saturday’s Ikebana introduction and also to anyone who has some experience with Ikebana with Mrs. Yukawa or elsewhere. 

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2024-04-16 16:22:43