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Location: Victoria Shambhala Meditation Centre

Reclaiming the hidden wisdom and grace of aging

Aging as a Spiritual Practice 

The fact of our aging is not a problem, but our ideas of aging are! Aging reminds us that we are mortal and that time will run out on us. But if we!re willing to “die”, in the sense of letting go, rather than hold on, then we can truly live. Letting go allows us to open to a refreshing feeling of aliveness and possibility. Our awareness of our necessary mortality may paradoxically heighten our love of life.
Aging itself may call forth new strengths and capacities that weren’t available in previous stages of our life. Yet our culture does not have rites of initiation to honor the stages of human development, each of which has its own set of challenges, which may involve new losses and vulnerabilities— but also a renewed sense of meaning and purpose.

In order to evolve rather than simply get older, we are obliged to listen to the hidden places within ourselves that we!ve buried under endless busyness. Aging as a spiritual path challenges us to enlarge and deepen our idea of ourselves, and to let go of what no longer holds meaning and purpose. We may discover that the second half of life can be the most fertile period of human development because it has the potential to complete our human journey.

Come join us as we explore what new life is trying to manifest through us, as we dare to imagine what is still possible.

Facilitator: Ira Rechtshaffer Ph.D. has practiced psycho-spiritual psychotherapy for the past 30 years and has taught Buddhist philosophy and psychology and the practice of meditation for the past 40 years. As a practicing Buddhist and psychotherapist he works with individuals and groups, integrating Buddhist and Western psychology. Ira is the author of Mindfulness and Madness: Money, Food, Sex, and the Sacred, and What Was in Buddha’s Left Hand?: Tantric Teachings to Transform Neurosis into Sanity. And Stealing Fire from the Gods: The Journey of Buddhist Meditation in Everyday Life. His fourth book, If the Chakras Had a Voice: An Intimate Conversation, is expected to be published in early 2024.

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Because this is an in-person group, please be vaccinated and preferably boosted for everyone!s safety. Participants may wear masks if they choose to do so, but this is optional. If you are experiencing symptoms prior to a group meeting, please do not come to group.

Victoria Shambhala Meditation Centre
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