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Boulder Arts Week Shambhala Center Arts Panel Event


Update: Cancelled due to very high winds this evening. We will announce a reschedule date.


Boulder Arts Week Shambhala Center Arts Panel Event



The Dharma of Art

What’s Meditation Got to do with it?

A panel conversation with Boulder Artists about contemporary art and ancient wisdom.

4PM Saturday April 6



Since the summer of 1974 when several thousand people arrived in Boulder to encounter the teachings of Tibetan Meditation Master Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche—giving subsequent birth to Naropa Institute, now Naropa University—Shambhala vision has been an inspiration and challenge to several generations of artists in many disciplines. Come and hear contemporary artists talk about their relationship to meditation and the vision of enlightened society, how this has affected their art and their view of the role of art in society. 


Come and engage with our panel:

Musician/Composer ~ Emily Takahashi 

Poet ~ Gary Allen

Designer/Ikebanist ~ Agness Au

Photographer ~ Michael Levy

Writer ~ Eileen Malloy

Performance Artist ~ Cynthia Kneen

Dancer/Choreographer ~ Wendell Beavers (Moderator)


Panel Bios:

Emily Takahashi, pianist, composer, and teacher, is a founding member of the creative ensemble, Boy-Girl Band.  Grounded in the classical piano tradition, Emily has also composed and recorded 3 albums of original works for jazz quintet.  Emily has been an active member of the Shambhala community since the 1980’s.


Gary Allen, has taught meditation programs around the United States, in Canada, and in South Korea.  He is the Co-Executive Director of the Mindfulness Peace Project that does programming for prison inmates and veterans.  He’s authored secular mindfulness books for inmates (Discovering Sanity) and for veterans (Warrior’s Heart).  He has two degrees in Writing and Poetics from Naropa University, and has published five books of poetry, most recently Transmigration Suite from Antarabhava Press.  


Michael Levy, long time practitioner and Meditation Instructor in Shambhala Lineage; therapist in private practice and with Windhorse Community Programs since 2004; teaching Contemplative Photography under John McQuade and Nalanda Miksang International since 2011.


Cynthia Kneen, (pronounced neen), writer-poet, theater artist, educator and long-time practitioner of Buddhism; graduate of a three-year Jacques Lecoq-based school of physical theater in Italy, with a big emphasis on comedy; Lighthouse Poetry Collective graduate; co-founder of Naropa University. 


Agness Au, is a life-long designer – primarily of women’s clothing; as well as public and private interior spaces, textiles & jewelry; a creative director for catalog, print & web; ikebana artist & teacher, collagist, entrepreneur/business owner and decades long meditation and Shambhala Dharma teacher.


Eileen Malloy, writer, founder/editor of online journal bDharma: The Practitioners’ Quandary, editor of the anthology Weird Luck: Eleven Pieces of Buddhist Mind, practitioner of Shambhala Buddhism since 1989and a bookkeeper.   


Wendell Beavers (moderator), dancer, choreographer, theater director; Naropa University emeritus professor of performing arts, founding faculty and former Director of New York University’s Experimental Theater Wing. Wendell has been practicing meditation in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage since 1985.

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