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Drala Meditation Hike: Nehalem Bay and Ocean Beach

Drala Meditation Hike: Nehalem Bay and Ocean Beach

Saturday, July 13th, 2024  

11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Join us for a Drala Hike where we will quiet the mind in order to open ourselves to the wisdom of nature and the Drala energies of the Pacific Northwest.  We hike in noble silence while contemplatively attuning and engaging the senses in the phenomenal world around us. 

Get up Saturday morning for a hike in Nehalem Bay State Park south along the bay to the jetty and back up the ocean beach.  



Hiking Difficulty:

Moderate owing to rocks on the bay side beach and some soft sand inland

Distance: 5 miles round trip

Elevation: 0 feet elevation gain

If you wish to stay over Saturday evening, you are welcome to stay overnight at a house/apartment in Manzanita which offers accommodations for up to 3 people or 2 people plus 1 couple in rooms and 3 more on the deck or in tents. If you wish to carpool or to reserve your overnight spot contact Annie & David through Liz Howell, the Drala Hike Coordinator.

What to Bring: Bring plenty of water, a lunch, a hat, sunscreen, rain gear or a windbreaker jacket, gas money for the driver if you carpool, and a sleeping bag and breakfast if you are staying overnight. We recommend closed-toe shoes (although you may prefer to take them off for the ocean beach portion). Be prepared for any kind of weather: it can be sunny and hot or windy, wet, and cold in July.

Meeting Time: 11:00 AM

Meeting Location: The boat ramp in Nehalem Bay State Park. (https://goo.gl/maps/SqfFRPsjG2FkdKhn6). There is a vending machine for day use parking passes ($5) at the turn off for the boat ramp.

Drive Time: The drive to Nehalem Bay State Park from Portland is ~2 hours without traffic.  Weekend traffic can be intense, so please allow at least 2.5 hours.  Consider taking OR 53 from US 26 to Nehalem to avoid the traffic around Canon Beach on US 101.

Hike Leaders: Annie Popkin and David Parker

Car Pool: Contact Liz Howell, Drala Hike Coordinator., advance to see if car pool options are available for this hike.



Registration online helps avoid the pen and paper contact involved in filling out emergency contact and release forms in person. When you register (below), you will be asked to list an emergency contact’s name and number and to check a box indicating that you consent to this release form (releasing Shambhala from liability). Please register by the end of the day on Thursday, July 11.


[Nehalem Bay of Low Tide]


[The Jetty]


[The Ocean Beach]


[Drala Hike, August 2019, photos by David Parker and Annie Popkin]


“By relaxing the mind, you can reconnect with that primordial, original ground, which is completely pure and simple. Out of that, through the medium of your perceptions, you can discover magic, or drala.”   ~Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche


Drala hikes are open to the public. No dogs, please – For questions about this or other things, please contact Liz Howell, Drala Hike Coordinator.


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