Emily Bower

Emily Bower is a practitioner and teacher of Tibetan Buddhist and Shambhala teachings. For most of her working life, she has been a book editor specializing in Dharma publications. Since 2011, she has lived in Hollywood, California, with her husband, Tibetan and Sanskrit translator Peter Alan Roberts. Emily first encountered the Shambhala community in 1987, at age 26, when she was living in San Francisco. Emily attended her first dathun (month-long retreat) at Karme Chöling, a residential center founded by Chogyam Trungpa, in Vermont, in 1991 and worked as a member of staff for three years (1991-94), before moving to Boston to work as a book editor at Shambhala Publications. She served as an acharya (senior teacher) in the Shambhala community for 16 years, with particular interest in leading Guide, MI, and teacher trainings, and leading and creating curricula for dathun and weekthun retreats.

Emily's Courses

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