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Location: Vancouver Shambhala Meditation Centre

Pema Chodron “How We Live Is How We Die” online course

How We Live Is How We DieAs much as we might try to resist, endings happen in every moment—the end of a breath, the end of a day, the end of a relationship, and ultimately the end of life. And accompanying each ending is a beginning, though it may be unclear what the beginning holds. In How We Live Is How We Die, Pema Chödrön shares her wisdom for working with this flow of life—learning to live with ease, joy, and compassion through uncertainty, embracing new beginnings, and ultimately preparing for death with curiosity and openness rather than fear.

Susan Chapman has been plumbing the wisdom of birth and death all  her life, but especially since encountering her own life-threatening illness a few years ago.

Join Pema and Susan in exploring this rich and challening subject of endings and beginnings.

The Retreat:

February 18, Susan will lead an optional meditation retreat at the Vancouver Shambhala Centre to kick off this program in recognition of Pema’s desire that we not simply read her books, but also practice sitting.   
(Suggested donation for the retreat: $30)


This retreat can be taken as a standalone practice or it can be combined with the associated book course, (see below)

The Course:
attending the retreat is an optional but recommended prelude to this course: Five Monday evenings via Zoom, February 26 – March 25. 7pm – 9pm. (the Zoom link will be provided to participants before the course.)

suggested donation for the course: $100

(no-one will be excluded from this program due to inability to meet the financial suggestion)

Note: after these five week of gatherings, there is an option to continue meeting.

It is recommended that students purchase or have access to the book, “How We Live Is How We Die” as a reference for the course. It can be purchased at the Shambhala Centre bookstore (the shelf across from the cloakroom), at Banyen Books, or other booksellers


Susan Chapman Susan Chapman has been a student of Shambhala since 1974, when she met her teacher, Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche. She has an MA in Buddhist and Western Psychology from Naropa University and is a retired family therapist. She spent nine years at Gampo Abbey, mentoring with Pema Chodron, and remains a student of Pema’s to this day. In 2008 she moved Burnaby, where she lives with her husband, Jerry, and their cat, Ziji.  In 2020 she retired from her role as an acharya and as faculty for Karuna Training after being diagnosed with breast cancer.   Her first book, The Five Keys to Mindful Communication, was published in 2012. Her new book, Which Way is Up? will be published in 2024.



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